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CTAS Version 2018 includes feature enhancements requested by users in addition to fixes for issues experienced in earlier versions. The enhancements and corrections are listed below, organized by CTAS module. Enhancements are denoted by three asterisks (***).

If you find an issue with the program not listed on this page, go to the Known Issues page to see if it has been reported or, if it has not been reported, to find instructions on how to report the issue to our office.


  • Data migrating correctly when Investment or Indebtedness interest rates are greater than 9.999%.

Accounting Module


  • *** The note field (if added) will now print on an individual receipt.
  • Can no longer void a cleared receipt.


  • *** The note field (if added) will now print on an individual claim.


  • *** The note field (if added) will now print on an individual disbursement.
  • Can no longer void a cleared disbursement.
  • Description added to payroll checks posted from payroll module.

Chart of Accounts

  • Purchase of Investment account number active upon install of CTAS.


  • Issue editing phone number in existing vendor corrected.
  • When updating an existing vendor, correct message “Saved Successfully” now appears.

Payroll Module


  • Correct misspelling of “Benefit” in Payroll Check Information, Taxes tab.
  • Correct Pay Frequency now showing in the Payroll Check Information, Gross Pay tab, Pay Frequency column.
  • Payroll check printing, changed default to allow all checks to be viewed, not a single employee.
  • PERA withheld from tips, per PERA "Cash tips are eligible for PERA contributions when they're received by an employee and treated as wages by an employer."
  • Checks/Paystubs now showing correct year to date (YTD) wages, taxable wages, Federal and State Income Taxes.
  • Net Pay Account Distribution Report – corrected to show Unallocated (Due to Rounding) Account Number.

Investment Module

  • Corrected – ability to save an investment with an interest rate greater than 9.999%.

Indebtedness Module

  • Corrected – ability to save debt with an interest rate greater than 9.999%.

Reports Module


  • Outstanding Checks/Deposits Report corrected to sort by date.
  • *** Signature lines added to Cash Control Report.

Financial Reports

  • *** Program Code Report – ability to run report by individual program code.
  • Cash Basis Reporting Form – Corrected misspelling of “Intergovernmental” in Revenues Section.
  • Account Numbers 31050-31059 coded to Revenue Section line 2 (Tax Increments), allowing for unique account numbers for multiple TIF Districts.
  • Cash Basis Reporting Form – Enterprise fund operating revenues and expenses now showing correctly if report is run for a year other than the current year.

Payroll (Year to Date)

  • *** Added Employee Gross Pay Report.
  • *** PERA Annual Exclusion – Report edited to resemble PERA reporting form.
  • Fringe Benefits Account Distribution – Correct report to read "Unallocated(Due to Rounding)".
  • Other Deductions Account Distribution – Correct report to read "Unallocated(Due to Rounding)".
  • Pretax Deductions Account Distribution – report now correctly showing start and end dates.

Admin Module

Year-end Processing

  • Generate and Submit Section – State Auditor Data File and Financial Statement PDF – changed submission pop up box name from "Authentication" to "State Auditor’s Form Entry System (SAFES)".

CTAS Known Issues

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