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Both the Full Install and the Update of CTAS 2017 include fixes for the issues which are listed on this page. The issues are organized by module.

If you find an issue with the program not listed on this page, go to the Known Issues page to see if it has been reported or, if it has not been reported, to find instructions on how to report the issue to our office.

Accounting Module


  • Add Receipt Tab: Tab/Enter key sequence corrected.


  • Add Claims Tab: Tab/Enter key sequence corrected.
  • Claims List for Approval showing duplicate names; will now show one name with related roles below name.
  • Added ability to delete a claim that has been posted.
  • Added ability to change the description field on a claim that has been posted.
  • Added ability to print a claim that has been posted.


  • Add Disbursement Tab: Tab/Enter key sequence corrected.
  • Added Claim Number column to Disbursement List Tab.


  • Budget List tab now displays individual budget years.


  • With no data migrated, Cash List tab will only show active funds.
  • When individual Fund tab is opened, Beginning Balance Fund Amount will now be highlighted.

Chart of Accounts

  • Increased Program Code Number field to 4 digits.


  • Added error message if a Vendor exists, if trying to add a duplicate vendor.

Payroll Module


  • When data is migrated from CTASv7 to CTAS 2017 Pretax Deduction grid is now completed with default information for Deferred Income and Cafeteria Plan rows.
  • Increased Employee Number Field to 10 characters.
  • Add Employees tab – Official Role tab, now cleared when added employee information is successfully saved.
  • Tax and Insurace Tab – Pretax Deduction Grid name change: “Deduct for” changed to “Check box(es) if exempt from tax”.
  • Add/Edit employee record – Acct. Dist (F6) tab – when adding account numbers entire row is no longer shaded blue.
  • Add/Edit employee record – Acct. Dist (F6) tab – corrected figure in remaining percent to distribute notification.
  • Edit employee record – Demographics and Job (F3) tab – Save button now active if Social Security Number field is edited.


  • Added ability to print a paystub.
  • Once a payroll is posted, additions can no longer be made to the payroll roster.
  • Added ability to add/edit new rows to the Acct. Dist. Tab of a posted payroll.
  • View and Print Payroll Register confirmation box typo: changed ; to : after the Select the format statement.
  • View and Print Payroll Register – default to view/print changed to landscape.
  • Payroll Register Reports – corrected rounding issues with column totals.

Reports Module


  • Receipt Register – now includes voided receipts.


  • Disbursements Register – Now includes voided disbursements.


  • Vendor Mailing Labels -- Mailing addresses were not properly aligned on labels when printing.

Financial Reports

  • Cash Basis Reporting Form -- A line for Police and Fire Contracts added (Line 37 Revenues).
  • Schedule 2 – Corrected Other Financing Sources Section.
  • Schedule 2A – Export report feature corrected.
  • Interim Financial Report Monthly Comparison – Ending Cash Balances corrected.
  • Program Code Report – Corrected alignment and added dates for when report is generated for.
  • Interim Financial Report by Object Code – When budgeted amount entered by month showing full budget amount as of date report generated.
  • Financial Statement Report – View/Print report in correct orientation or each Schedule in report (landscape or portrait).

Payroll (Year to Date)

  • Federal Taxes Account Distribution – corrected large rounding issues in unallocated due to rounding line.
  • Created Pretax Deductions Account Distribution Report.
  • State Withholding Account Distribution Report corrected to show all employees.
  • Employee Earnings Record – corrected rounding issue in column totals.
  • PERA Distribution – corrected large rounding issue in unallocated due to rounding line.


  • Schedule 1A – accrued interested from previous years now included in Investment column.

Admin Module

Year-end Processing

  • CTAS XML file generation will now display a message if there is no primary contact before the file is generated.
  • CTAS XML file now includes only one record for each contact if contact is a member of multiple roles.
  • Financial Statement PDF Report – each schedule is now displayed in the correct orientation (portrait / landscape)

CTAS Known Issues

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