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The Pension Division of the Office of the State Auditor regularly publishes an informational newsletter covering a variety of topics of interest to volunteer fire relief association trustees, members, auditors, local governments, and the public. The newsletter addresses topics that have arisen or may arise as a result of the State Auditor’s oversight of local public pension plans.

The Pension Newsletter Index lists a number of articles from past issues of the newsletter, arranged by topic. To view the original article, click the link and the newsletter will open in your browser as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. Use the article listing on the newsletter's first page to find the article.

The Office of the State Auditor prepares Pension Division Newsletters to provide an educational resource. Newsletters are not legal advice and should not be relied upon in lieu of legal advice, and are subject to revision.

To regularly receive an electronic version of the Pension Division Newsletter, e-mail Rose Hennessy Allen at rose.hennessy-allen@osa.state.mn.us.

Audit and Attestation

Audit Requirements (May, 2014) (pdf, 109k)

Resources for Auditors (May, 2017) (pdf, 259k)

Submitting Agreed-Upon Procedures and Audit Reports (May, 2017) (pdf, 259k)

New GASB Reporting Requirements (October, 2014) (pdf, 359k)

Paying for GASB Actuarial Valuations (May, 2015) (pdf, 324k)

New Accounting Requirements (Attestation) (January, 2016) (pdf, 331k)

Audit Threshold (May, 2017) (pdf, 259k)

Benefit Levels

Maximum Benefit Levels (July, 2017)

Municipal Ratification of Benefit Levels (July, 2017) (pdf, 275k)

Municipal Ratification Requirements (April, 2013) (pdf, 107k)

Establishing Multi-Year Benefit Level Proposals (April, 2017) (pdf, 292k)

Board of Trustees and Membership

Membership Rights (October, 2009) (pdf, 52k)

Membership Start Date (February, 2017) (pdf, 257k)

Deferred Members as Trustees (September, 2009) (pdf, 52k)

Membership Dues (July, 2013) (pdf, 108k)

Fiduciary Reminders (January, 2009) (pdf, 45k)

Fiduciary Education for Trustees (July, 2017) (pdf, 275k)

Payment of Insurance Premiums (September, 2014) (pdf, 265k)

Treasurer Bonds (June, 201) (pdf, 263k)

Authorized Administrative Expenses (October, 2013) (pdf, 167k)

Open Meeting Law (December, 2016) (pdf, 333k)

Fire Prevention Personnel (April 2014) (pdf, 107k)

Payroll Deductions for Membership Dues (August, 2015) (pdf, 262k)

Unpaid Membership Dues (August, 2015) (pdf, 262k)

Trustee Salaries (May, 2016) (pdf, 263k)

Payment of Professional Fees (February, 2015) (pdf, 263k)

Membership Age Restrictions (July, 2015) (pdf, 259k)

Board of Trustees (July, 2017) (pdf, 275k)

Protecting Private Member Data (August, 2017) (pdf, 253k)

Statements of Economic Interest (December, 2017) (pdf, 270k)

Charitable Gambling

Charitable Gambling Fund Reminder (August, 2009) (pdf, 50k)


Fundraising Activities (June, 2014) (pdf, 114k)

Internal Controls

Fire Department Checking Accounts (February, 2016) (pdf, 324k)

Data Practices (June, 2017) (pdf, 263k)

Donations from a Special Fund (November. 2013) (pdf, 122k)

Establishing Separate Accounts (November, 2017) (pdf, 266k)

Financial Arrangements with a City or Town (April, 2013) (pdf, 107k)

Fire Department Grants (June, 2017) (pdf, 263k)

Internal Controls (April, 2017) (pdf, 292k)

Multiple Signatures on Checks (April, 2017) (pdf, 292k)

Payment of Organizational Dues (August 2014) (pdf, 268k)

Records Retention Schedule (January, 2016) (pdf, 331k)

Special Events (June, 2011) (pdf, 54k)

Reporting Evidence of Misconduct (September, 2016) (pdf, 264k)

Approval of Expenditures (August, 2017) (pdf, 253k)

Phishing Scams (April, 2011) (pdf, 34k)

Special Fund Deposit Errors (September, 2017) (pdf, 252k)

Payment of Fines and Penalties (June, 2017) (pdf, 263k)

Deposit of Municipal Funds (October, 2017) (pdf, 251k)

Investment Information

Investing Through the SBI vs. Joining the Statewide Plan (November, 2015) (pdf, 365k)

Investment Basics (October, 2008) (pdf, 52k)

a) Certificates (July, 2010) (pdf, 51k)

b) Stocks (May, 2010) (pdf, 49k)

c) Bonds (April, 2010) (pdf, 46k)

d) ETFs (March, 2010) (pdf, 67k)

e) Fees (April, 2009) (pdf, 56k)

f) Reading your SBI Statement (August, 2008) (pdf, 277k)

g) Terms (July, 2008) (pdf, 47k)

h) Mutual Funds (June, 2011) (pdf, 54k)

Exchange Traded Note Investment (August, 2011) (pdf, 45k)

Investment Transfer Verifiers (September, 2017) (pdf, 252k)

Broker Certification Form (January, 2018) (pdf, 264k)

Monitoring Investment Performance (July, 2016) (pdf, 261k)

Below-Investment-Grade Bonds (September, 2017) (pdf, 252k)

Investment Management Fees (August, 2016) (pdf, 334k)

SBI Investment Portfolio Limits (April, 2015) (pdf, 304k)

New SBI Account Names (June, 2015) (pdf, 382k)

Municipal Contributions and Financial Projections

Deposit of Municipal Funds (October, 2017) (pdf, 251k)

Municipal Contributions (July, 2012) (pdf, 328k)

Schedule Form Reminders (October, 2012) (pdf, 114k)

Schedule Form Updates (August, 2016) (pdf, 334k)

Online Reporting/SAFES

Helpful Contact Information (December, 2017) (pdf, 270k)

Online Training Videos (February, 2018) (pdf, 292k)

SAFES Password (June, 2017) (pdf, 263k)

SAFES User Authorization Form (January, 2017) (pdf, 288k)

Reporting Form Helpful Hints (March, 2018) (pdf, 277k)

Website Resources (December, 2016) (pdf, 333k)

How to Sign Forms in SAFES (March, 2018) (pdf, 277k)

Annual Business Renewal Reminder (May, 2017) (pdf, 259k)

SAFES FAQs (April, 2016) (pdf, 264k)

New Document Transmission Method (July, 2016) (pdf, 261k)

Keeping SAFES Login Information Secure (October, 2017) (pdf, 251k)

Pension and Benefit Payment Information

Beneficiary Designation Form (October, 2014) (pdf, 359k)

Calculating Months of Service (August, 2009) (pdf, 50k)

Calculating and Reporting Breaks in Service (January, 2012) (pdf, 39k)

Combined Service Pensions (June, 2015) (pdf, 382k)

Deferred Interest Reminders (October, 2017) (pdf, 251k)

Deferred-Service Pension Payment Methods (September, 2013) (pdf, 133k)

Marriage Dissolutions (November, 2016) (pdf, 354k)

Payments to Full-time Firefighters (August 2014) (pdf, 268k)

Volunteer Ambulance Personnel (August 2014) (pdf, 268k)

Rollovers and Safe Harbor Notices (April, 2016) (pdf, 264k)

Sample Bylaw Guides (September, 2012) (pdf, 122k)

Survivor Benefits & Beneficiaries (May, 2017) (pdf, 259k)

Consultant Insurance Requirement (May, 2014) (pdf, 109k)

Supplemental Benefit Reimbursements (November, 2016) (pdf, 266k)

Deferred Interest Changes Now in Effect (January, 2014) (pdf, 109k)

Age Discrimination and Pension Benefits (February, 2012) (pdf, 39k)

Military Breaks in Service (July, 2011) (pdf, 38k)

Understanding the "Return to Service" Law (March, 2013) (pdf, 152k)

Relief Association Plan Types (October, 2013) (pdf, 167k)

Survivor Benefits for Deferred Members (September, 2015) (pdf, 353k)

Facts About Supplemental Benefits (January, 2016) (pdf, 331k)

Forfeiting Service Credit Following a Break in Service (May, 2016) (pdf, 263k)

State Aid

New Supplemental State Aid Program (September, 2013) Also, November, 2013 (pdf, 122k)

Supplemental Benefit Reimbursements (November, 2017) (pdf, 266k)

State Deferred Compensation Plan

Minnesota Deferred Compensation Plan (November, 2011) (pdf, 37k)

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