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Bylaw Guides

Volunteer Fire Relief Associations - Selected Relevant Statutes Booklet

Volunteer Fire Relief Associations - Selected Relevant Statutes Summary

Fire and Police State Aid Amounts

2018 Fire State Aid Amounts

2018 Police State Aid Amounts

2017 Fire State Aid Amounts

2017 Police State Aid Amounts

2016 Fire State Aid Amounts

2016 Police State Aid Amounts

2015 Fire State Aid Amounts

2015 Police State Aid Amounts

2014 Fire State Aid Amounts

2014 Police State Aid Amounts

Supplemental Benefit Reimbursement Amounts

2018 Supplemental Benefit Reimbursement Amounts

2017 Supplemental Benefit Reimbursement Amounts

2016 Supplemental Benefit Reimbursement Amounts

2015 Supplemental Benefit Reimbursement Amounts

Other Resources

Sample Designation of Beneficiary Form (pdf, 36k)

Information for New Fire Relief Association Trustees (pdf, 179k)

Fire Relief Association Frequently Asked Questions

Pension Newsletters

Pension Newsletter Index

Volunteer Fire Relief Association Working Group

Pension Forms

Reporting Checklist for Volunteer Fire Relief Associations (includes SAFES User Authorization Form) (pdf, 343k)

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